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  • 14 Reasons Why Sydney Is The Best City On The Planet!
    17 November
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    14 Reasons Why Sydney Is The Best City On The Planet!

    14 Reasons Why Sydney is the Best City on the Planet!

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    Given that we are lifelong Sydneysiders, we may be a little prejudiced when it comes to talking about our wonderful city. Not only are the golden beaches and outdoor dining scene bringing in the masses, but visitors come from all over the world to get a taste of Sydney’s vibrant lifestyle. 

    There are several reasons to contemplate a visit – or possibly a permanent relocation – to this year-round, sunny seaside jewel, which was recently voted fifth most livable city in the world.

    We should definitely point out that Melbourne came in a bit higher (Melbourne was placed second, while Vienna took the number one spot this year), but we’re still determined to raise the Sydney flag high in this part of the world. So much so that we decided to compile a comprehensive list of every reason under the sun (literally) that our gorgeous harborside city is one of the finest locations on the globe to live. Tempted in any way?

    1. There are magnificent beaches throughout!

    Sydney’s spectacular coastline, which stretches from the peaceful golden beaches of Palm Beach to the thundering surf surges of Bondi, is unrivalled. You may choose from a variety of beach activities such as walking, basking and swimming. Sydney is a city that was built for coastal life.

    2. It is a pulsating center of culture!

    Sydney is known as the “City of Culture,” and you can discover the greatest music, art, dance, comedy, and theatrical performances every night of the week in this city.

    3. You may have a drink or a meal right close to the harbor!

    Sydney’s harbor is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Take a seat at Darling Harbor or Finger Wharf for supper and take in the breathtaking views of the harbor. Enjoy a bottle of champagne as you people watch and consider which yacht to purchase.

    4. You can do anything and literally “anything” outside!

    Everything from music festivals to coastal walks to boat excursions to the Opera on the Harbor is available in Sydney. Other activities include picnics, outdoor films, picnicking in national parks, glamping, waterfront bars and restaurants, beaches, lawn bowling, and boot camps. You name it, Sydney has it covered when it comes to outdoor activities.

    5. It’s a haven for foodies!

    Sydney’s inventive culinary industry is dressed to please, with everything from hole-in-the-wall street foods to luxurious fine dining establishments. On every street corner in the city, you may find delicious cuisine to eat. When it comes to food, Sydney has it all. 

    From juicy burgers to aromatic curries to ceviche and tacos, the city’s diverse culinary scene is a feast for the senses that will take your taste buds all over the world without the need for a plane ticket in sight.

    6. It receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year!

    The weather in Sydney is always pleasant, thanks to the city’s year-round sunny climate. Even in winter, temperatures seldom fall below 18 degrees Celsius during the day in most parts of the country.

    7. You’ll develop a passion for physical exercise!

    Everyone maintains their fitness. We are confident that you will quickly become a believer. If the picturesque seaside views aren’t enough to get you to get out of bed in the morning, the gorgeous bootcamp instructors should be enough to get you moving.

    8. A smoothie is never more than five minutes away!

    Sydney is a city that places a strong emphasis on healthy living. A fresh juice or smoothie shop is around every corner, giving up a variety of nutritious, fruity pleasures to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    9. The breakfasts are out of this world!

    With everything from fluffy pancakes and Belgian waffles to smashed avocado and fried chicken, Sydney’s mouthwatering selection of Instagram-worthy breakfast dishes is nothing short of extraordinary. Three Blue Ducks’ scrambled eggs with black pudding or Bills’ ricotta hotcakes are just two examples of Sydney’s delectable breakfast and brunch options that never fail to wow.

    10. The coffee is great!

    Seriously, you’ll be hard pressed to find a finer brew anywhere else in the world. Compared to other cities, Sydney’s coffee game is on par with that of a double shot macchiato. Single Origin Roasters, Coffee Alchemy, Campos Coffee, and Double Roasters, to mention a few, are among the establishments where you may discover exceptional grinds.

    11. There’s a lot to see and do!

    Sydney offers a plethora of classic architectural jewels to choose from, thanks to its never-ending collection of world-famous monuments. A few of our favorites are as follows: Sydney Harbor, the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, Luna Park, the Queen Victoria Building, and the Royal Botanic Garden.

    12. You can take public transport by boat!

    When it comes to easing into your Monday morning commute, nothing beats arriving at work by boat. There are several boat routes to choose from, each of which provides a unique perspective of the entire city. Sail across the harbor to Taronga Zoo or between Manly and Watsons Bay for a stunningly gorgeous tour of the city’s waterfront.

    13. There are breathtaking coastline walks!

    Whether you choose to walk from Bondi to Bronte or along the Spit to Manly route, there are several coastal walks to choose from where you can take in the fresh sea air and breathtaking views of the ocean.

    14. There is a fashionable market in practically every neighborhood!

    Sydney is fortunate to have a slew of thriving weekend markets to choose from. Vintage fashion and gorgeous gifts can be found in Glebe; antique homeware can be found in Rozelle; secondhand designer treasures can be found in Kirribilli; unique handmade items can be found in The Rocks.

    The Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont can be found for freshly caught crustaceans; and the Carriage works Farmers’ Market can be found for delicious local produce and beautiful native flowers.

    The Bottom Line

    So, all in all Sydney is a tourist haven. And, its not even surprising that millions of tourists visit this exquisite place every year. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, board a plane and come to this heavenly city for a splendid holiday!

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