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  • 5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try!
    16 October
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    5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try!

    When it comes to cleaning, there is a reason why companies make so much money selling all sorts of cleaning products. The reason is that just about everyone hates cleaning! So, if you want to get it right first time, here are 5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try!

    Top  Five Cleaning Tips


    I’ll admit it, there is satisfaction in finishing your cleaning, and seeing a home that literally glistens! However, we all know how much pain it takes to get there.

    You could hire a cleaner, or rope your family or housemates into a rigid schedule for cleaning each week. However, that in itself brings it’s own stress. Why not, instead, learn the tricks of the trade, and do it a fraction of the time and cost of hiring a cleaner?

    5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try To Save Time

    Tip 1: Be Organised

    The old saying..if you fail to prepare, prepare to never truer than when attacking the cleaning of your home! Schedule how you will do it, and your chances of being distracted, or failing to complete the task, will be minimal. So, here are some suggestions on how you can plan your clean:

    – Set an order of which rooms you will do when.
    – Multi-task your cleaning
    – Schedule a time limit for each task
    – Assemble your tools, and have them nearby
    – Remove all things that could be in the way, so that you can glide from task to task

    Tip 2:  How To Mop


    5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try!
    5 Cleaning Tips You Must Try!

    Let’s be honest, mopping can be quite challenging! However, there are some tips that you should use in the planning, and execution, which can help you come out on top.

    Don’t even think about filling your bucket until you have vacuumed the floors. Mopping when things are all over the place risks scratching your floors, or leaving stains.

    And, with regard to being clean, make sure that you’ve got a clean mop head ready to use, not one that will just shift the dirt from one place to another.

    It is important too that you use only just enough detergent. If you use too much, it can leave your floors slippery, and hazy. So, remember too to change the water often, Otherwise you could just be moving the dirt from one place to another.

    Tip 3: Effective Dusting

    Dusting might seem the less arduous of all cleaning tasks, however it is not often done well. Many times, vital spots are missed. So, how can you do the dusting effectively? Create a list of what needs to be done in each room. Here is a sample of what to include:

    – Light fixtures and ceiling fans
    – Door frames and skirting boards.
    – Walls, especially lighter ones that might ‘hide’ dust.
    – Air vents
    – Fragiel items such as picture frames.

    Effective Dusting King Tip: Dust from the top down…then vacuum!

    Tip 4: Make Your Kitchen Shine!

    It’s fair to say that the Kitchen is the centre of most homes. Not only is it where the cooking is done, but it is often where stories are swapped, and matters are discussed, and solved.

    How can you make your kitchen shine? Try brown vinegar on the troublesome oven glass, then remove it with a clean cloth after an hour.

    When it comes to cleaning the dishwasher, run a wash cycle with a cup or so of white vinegar. It will often remove those unwanted smells, and keep it fresh for a good while.

    If your cutting boards need a spruce up, why not use half a lemon, and rub the boards thoroughly?

    Tip 5: The Right Tools For The Right Job!

    Plan ahead with a trip to the hardware store to make sure you have the correct tools. Sit down beforehand and work out what you’ll need, then make sure everything you need is available.

    Making sure you have the right tools for the right job will get you a better result, in far less time. So, the time that it takes you to plan what you’ll need will give you a healthy R.O.I(Return On Investment)!


    What are some of the essential cleaning products that should be on your list?

    • Surface Cleaning Spray(All Purpose)
    • Cleaning agents for glass, floor, and walls
    • A duster,
    • A vacuum with strong suction,
    • Dustpan and brush,
    • Mop and bucket,
    • Sponges,
    • Cloths,
    • Toilet brush and
    • Scrubbing brush
    • Gloves


    The best way to approach your cleaning is with careful thought, and planning. Don’t leave your cleaning to ad hoc methods, or your time and money will fly quickly!

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