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  • 6 Quick and Effective Tricks to Clean Windows Fast!
    28 November
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    6 Quick and Effective Tricks to Clean Windows Fast!

    6 Quick and Effective Tricks to Clean Windows Fast!


    Due to the fact that they are exposed to the elements, they become dirty quickly, necessitating the need for regular cleaning. However, this is not a chore that is enjoyable or pleasurable, but there is a solution for everything. We’ll share six window cleaning tips with you to make this process a little easier for you.

    Many times, you will get ready to clean them just to discover that they have not been as clean as you had anticipated. As a result, we may become discouraged and put off cleaning the windows for an increasingly extended period of time. As a result of this negligence, your home gradually ceases to look as attractive as it should. This is especially true when the visitors arrive.

    The areas appear dishevelled and uncomfortable, even if the floor, furniture, and surfaces are clean. This is especially true if the windows are covered in grease, dust, and other sorts of dirt stains. At this point, you should start waving goodbye to those dirty windows and putting the tips and tactics we’ve discussed here to work for your benefit.

    1. Vinegar is an infallible ally in battle

    There are numerous window cleaners that can accomplish a similar result to vinegar, but the action of vinegar is extremely powerful. Furthermore, when it comes to smelling it, it is not very irritating. In contrast to chemicals, which can induce allergies due to their strong scents, natural products do not trigger allergies.

    Because the vinegar makes the filth easy to remove, we don’t have to scrub the windows as hard as we would otherwise, but instead simply slide a towel or newspaper over the glass. As a bonus, vinegar helps us to obtain a gloss that is brilliant and diaphanous in appearance.

    It is recommended to combine one part white vinegar with three parts hot water in order to clean windows in an easy and straightforward manner. In order to decrease the vinegar smell, a small amount of lemon juice can be added to the mixture before applying. If the vinegar smell bothers you too much, you can also mix the solution using five parts waters instead of three, which will reduce the amount of vinegar in the solution.

    Even if you decide to go with a commercial chemical solution, we recommend that you combine many of them. You will save a portion of the product and it will last you for a longer period of time. To make the solution, combine three tablespoons of white vinegar with two cups of water, along with half a teaspoon of liquid detergent. You will be amazed with how effectively the stains are removed.

    2. Choose the correct window cleaning cloth

    When it comes to cleaning cloths, there are numerous solutions available in the industry. However, if saving money is your thing, we have some more options for you to consider. Newspaper is the most convenient thing that you can use to clean your windows because it is so readily available. The product leaves no residue and enables for a complete, glossy finish.

    Aside from that, you can rub your glasses without worrying about scratching them up. The newspaper will leave a very thin, undetectable layer on your glasses, which will keep them from becoming easily soiled in future.

    The chances are that you already have a sponge at your home. This method is quite successful at removing detergent residues from windows. If you don’t have any of the items listed above, you can use coffee filters as a workaround to save time. They are virtually as versatile as newsprint when it comes to printing. Additionally, you will get a bright finish that is free of stains and scratches.

    3. Cleaning windows on a cloudy day is a good idea

    Regardless of where you live, there is a good possibility that you will have a cloudy day tomorrow. That is the day that you should take advantage of in order to clean the windows in your home. If you, do it on a sunny day, the sun will cause the cleanser foam to dry, which will result in unattractive markings on your windows and even your clothes. This is without taking into consideration the fact that you will be exposed to the sun, which will make the labour more difficult.

    4. Clean the windows that are extremely dirty

    In the event that you haven’t cleaned your windows in several months, they are most likely filthy. Using a porous sponge and working your way down from the top is the greatest option in this situation. This is done in order to avoid dripping water. When the glass is completely dry, you can polish it with a microfiber cloth. Just make sure that there is no lint left on the glass after wiping it down.

    5. Vertical and horizontal orientations

    Your glasses have been thoroughly washed and cleaned on the inside and outside, but you are still dissatisfied with the results. There is still a stain on the window that has not been completely removed. You search inside and find nothing, so you go outside and look for it and find nothing there as well. However, we have a solution to this horrible situation.

    When washing your windows on both sides, we recommend that you clean the interior from side to side and make vertical movements on the outside when cleaning the inside. This will help you clean the slightest of stains.

    6. In the case of the blinds

    Because not all windows are made of glass, some are equipped with blinds. Since they are exposed to the elements, they must be cleaned as well. Cleaning them, on the other hand, is fairly simple. You can clean them with an antiseptic spray and a soft towel once they have been sprayed. Keep in mind to use a clean cloth that will not leave any residue.

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