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  • 8 Impressive Things To Do In Sydney
    17 November
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    8 Impressive Things To Do In Sydney

    The Exquisite Culture of Sydney- Everything you need to know!

    8 Impressive Things To Do In Sydney | window cleaning services

    Despite the fact that Australia’s Aboriginal community may be the world’s oldest living civilization, it is thriving right in the heart of Sydney. These excursions provide genuine, meaningful opportunity to interact with some of Sydney’s nicest residents while also receiving insight into Aboriginal ways of life.

    8 Places to Visit in Sydney to Relive its Aboriginal Culture!

    1. The Australian Galleries

    With a customised guided tour of the First Australians galleries at the Australian Museum in the heart of Sydney, you will learn about the beliefs and lifestyles of the world’s oldest living civilisation in the country’s oldest museum. 

    The museum holds more than 40,000 Indigenous Australian weaponry, body decorations, tools, bark paintings, toys, and modern art and sculpture from around the country, making it one of the world’s most important collections of its sort.

    In particular, the collection includes ancient grindstones that are more than 32,000 years old; ancient bark drawings; modern dot paintings; and carvings of emu eggs.

    2. The Barangaroo Waterfront

    The Barangaroo waterfront precinct is situated on some of the most valuable real estate in the world, almost directly beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, making it a prime location for tourists. A dynamic cultural experience in a powerful, gorgeous location – all within sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – can be found at the Reserve at Sydney Harbour. 

    Take the 90-minute Aboriginal Cultural Tour to learn about the history of the local Aboriginal people through stories that are delivered in the context of the city’s changing landscape. The guides are also quite informed about the huge native plant collection on display at Barangaroo Reserve; you’ll come away from the trip with a newfound respect for the traditional Aboriginal approach to food and medicine.

    3. The Blak Markets

    The Blak Markets in Sydney are more than just a place to browse for indigenous products. In addition to singing, dance, bush cuisines, artisan stalls, smoking rites, and other entertainers, each event is a one-of-a-kind full-scale production with all proceeds going back to local Aboriginal communities in the form of grants. 

    The market also provides training and employment opportunities for young Aboriginal people in coffee shops, retail, food preparation, and supervision. The event is held up to eight times a year, and the site of each event is always changing.

    4. Enjoy the Coastal Views

    Together with Grant Hyde, Tim Ella of the Dharawal-Yuin people established Kadoo Tours in Watsons Bay in the Sydney Harbour National Park and La Perouse in the Kamay Botany Bay National Park. Tim Ella is a well-known local celebrity who was born and raised in the area. The immersive two-hour trips begin with a traditional ochre ritual and a customary Welcome to Country greeting from the tour guide. 

    Aside from that, they provide guests the opportunity to sample bush tucker and learn about the traditional usage of plants and animals for food, medicine, and ceremonial purposes. Along the shoreline and through native bushland, Tim will relate his own history and tell some Dreaming stories as he walks you through the landscape.

    5. Take a Tour Through the Rocks

    Travel with Dreamtime Southern X on a leisurely 90-minute walking tour of Sydney’s world-renowned waterfront and discover how the harbour scenery reverberates with spiritual importance and continues to influence contemporary Aboriginal culture. 

    Guides tell stories that provide glimpses of what life was like in Australia prior to colonisation by Europeans. Find out how the Eora people responded to the coming of the Europeans and how the saltwater people practised seasonal food sustainability in their everyday lives by listening to the creation myths that constructed Sydney.

    Explore the Aboriginal people’s continuous connection to country and the actual significance of their flag’s colours, eat bush tucker picked from city streets trees, and visit sacred Aboriginal sites hidden in the city’s most famous tourist attraction. This tour will provide you with an entirely fresh viewpoint on the harbour city.

    6. Visit the Royal Botanical Garden

    Within walking distance of Sydney’s iconic Opera House, visitors may enjoy a 90-minute tour of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden’s Aboriginal Heritage Area. Using the varied applications of the plants that flourish in this garden, it explores the garden’s rich Aboriginal legacy. 

    As you walk and chat, forage for and taste Australian bush foods, and learn about the plants that are used for medicine and as shelter. Cooking with bush foods is a great way to learn how to incorporate them into your own meals at home and to get a taste for some of the dishes that are inspired by the items you collect from nature.

    7. Discover the Blue Mountains

    If you board a train at Sydney’s Central Station, you’ll be in the Blue Mountains in 90 minutes, where you’ll be immersed in an experience that has been described as emotive, meditative, or deeply touching. 

    The full-day walkabout tour led by Aboriginal guide Evan Yanna Muru takes hikers deep into the rainforest, through valleys and caverns, and past sacred cultural places, among other things. It invites individuals to take a step back and explore the natural world through the lens of old Aboriginal knowledge, which may be translated into modern-day wisdom in many ways. 

    The Blue Mountains are a World Heritage Site because of its remarkable natural beauty and biodiversity, so you’ll appreciate this area no matter what you do here, but this special activity adds an added layer of poignancy to your visit to this rare place.

    8. Climb the Famous Harbor Bridge

    Climb Sydney’s famed Harbour Bridge with the Indigenous-led Burrawa BridgeClimb, and you’ll get a completely different perspective on the city, both figuratively and literally speaking. The trip will be led by a local Aboriginal storyteller who will transport you back in time with their rich narrative and show you Sydney and its history through the eyes of the Aboriginal people. 

    During your journey along the upper arch of the bridge, which is 134 metres (440 feet) above sea level, you’ll be rewarded with stunning 360-degree views while learning about the interesting stories, secrets, and origins of recognisable sites and the indigenous Gadigal people who inhabit the area.


    So, if you are looking for 8 Impressive Things To Do In Sydney, we know that you won’t be disappointed!

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