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  • How To Build A Window Cleaning Business In 5 Easy Steps
    4 June
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    How To Build A Window Cleaning Business In 5 Easy Steps

    Build A Window Cleaning Business…How?

    So, when you have started down the road of how to build a window cleaning business, the journey has likely begun with thought. Soon, though, the thought turns to confusion, how can do this successfully? Consider the following infographic….


    Build A Window Cleaning Business – In Summary

    The key clearly, is to use the framework above, but adapt it to your own circumstances, and that of your local area.

    Whilst the basics of building a window cleaning business are universal, how those principles are applied is an altogether different proposition. For instance, let’s look a little closer at step 4: Go For It!

    The general principle in this step is that whilst working for someone else, you build your own round. That will be true in almost every situation. However, you may wonder…How can I build my own round? Well, in some areas, you might door knock, getting new customers via canvassing. However, in some situations, you might think: I don’t have the time to work for someone else, and also canvass. That could well be very true.

    So, in those circumstances, building your own business might involve a completely different approach. For instance, you might decide to start with a FREE listing in your local Perth Business Directory. Or, you might choose to put an ad in the local community classifieds.

    In other areas, leaflet dropping is a worthwhile option. However, many areas today have ‘no junk mail’ signs, or, leaflets generally just go straight in the bin. So, again, you need to determine which particular approach will work in your area.

    Building a window cleaning business in 5 easy steps is not rocket science. The main keys are focus, use others as a springboard to gain experience, knowledge and skills, and, then, to gradually build up your own round. Apply yourself to the steps above and the world will be your oyster!
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