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  • Dog Drool On Glass – What To Do?
    4 July
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    Dog Drool On Glass – What To Do?

    Dog Drool – Why Worry?

    At Window Cleaning Perth, we often see dog drool on glass, and, frankly, it’s not a pretty sight! It is loaded with bacteria, not great when you have kids around, and, looks about as bad as it gets! Is it something that should concern you? Absolutely!!

    Dog Drool – The Small Upside

    Whilst dog drool really does look bad, it is true that, compared to cats, a dog’s saliva is not as bad. However, dogs do tend to chew on some really bad things. So, even if a dog doesn’t inherently pose a massive danger to you or the children, it can still be dangerous if the dog has had it’s chops wrapped around something bad, hence the advice that we should assume that the dog DOES have dangerous bacteria.

    Dog Drool – What Connection Does It Have With Your Windows?

    As professional Perth window cleaners, we see houses, offices and shops that have every kind of family, pets and traffic. One of the least favorite things is to see a home which has not been kept free from the down side of having a dog. For instance, homes sometimes have a terrible dog odor. It’s not that the owners just ignore it, most times they have adjusted to the smell and probably are not aware of just how bad a home with dogs can smell.

    Another issue is that unless home owners clean regularly after their dogs, windows will almost always have dog saliva that has almost become like glue, spread all over the glass. This is almost a certainty because dogs love to be outdoors, so, when they are inside they will tend to gravitate towards the windows in order to have a longing look at the garden, their source of air and toilet facilities.

    We can’t blame the dog for slobbering on the windows, it is natural for them to press up against them. However, what pet owners, especially those who have children, need to do is to keep the windows clean and free of dog saliva. Doing this regularly will reduce the risk of unhealthy effects and will keep your home looking fab!

    Dog Drool – Get On Top Of The Task

    We are sure that you will agree that dog drool will pretty much reappear the day after you clean your glass, but this is no reason to panic. Once you have had your windows cleaned professionally it is much easier to remove the dog saliva, and keep the windows clean until the next professional window cleaning service appointment.

    So, try to incorporate cleaning the glass with your daily, or, at most, weekly cleaning routine.

    With that in mind, how can you get the right solution to remove the drool? Since one of our main concerns is our family, we should try to use a cleaning solution that is lower in chemicals and artificial ingredients. Therefore, what we recommend is trying a home made recipe.

    Dog Drool – A Less Artificial Cleaning Solution

    One of the more touted recipes for a great window cleaning solution that removes dog drool is quite simple really. Just get a spray bottle and add equal amounts of water and vinegar. This should work well in lifting and removing the saliva.

    What we do recommend after this, is to follow up with a windex or similar spray. There are some less artificial recipes that companies bring out which should keep the job fairly natural. But, you might wonder, why use windex after you have already done the job with your vinegar solution? Basically, getting a high shine spray, and using just a little of it with a lint free cloth will finish off the job and add the finishing shine to the glass. Since it will be just a touch up, you shouldn’t require much of the windex.


    Dog Drool – Summing Up

    So, there we have it. A slobbering dog need not mean the end of clean windows. Contact Window Cleaning Perth for a regular clean, however, in between, add a clean of the glass as part of your regular routine, using a mix of water and vinegar, and your glass will not be a waste of the hard earned money that you have just spent on window cleaning, but, rather, will keep a shine that will look as if they have just been cleaned professionally!

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