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  • Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until….
    20 May
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    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until….

    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until….



    Don’t hire a cleaner until…Until what? Why should we hesitate before hiring a cleaner? After all, what could go wrong?

    Actually, more can go wrong than you think. The cleaner might be just someone who spruces up the house, right? Wrong! A cleaner is our credential as to cleanliness, our family health supervisor, our rental bond guarantee…..the list goes on.

    But, what damage could they do?

    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until…We Know The Quality Of Their Work

    How much do we really know about our cleaner? Granted, it might not seem to be an industry brimming with qualifications, however we can still find a cleaners’ qualifications, how?

    Referrals and Testimonials

    A quick way to check the prospective cleaner’s qualifications is to see their prior work, that is their qualification. In a similar way to a diploma, which says that a professional is knowledgeable and qualified, examining a cleaners prior work shows how qualified that person actually is before letting them wreak havoc in our home. What are the best ways to examine the cleaners’ prior work?

    Was the cleaner found via the web? If so, any reputable cleaning site will have a list of testimonials and a gallery of pictures showing their previous work.

    However, there is something very important to consider, even with that, what?

    It is very important to know who exactly those referrals were talking about. As an example, if the company seems to have great referrals, is the person they send a new starter? Can it really be said that this particular cleaner will work up to the standard that this company has set? It is important to ask the company beforehand whom they will send, how much experience they have, what guarantees the company will give as to the quality of their work.

    So, once we have decided that a particular company will likely do the best job for us, a further question is of vital concern: How safe will my property and children be with them in the home?

    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until You Know Their Reputation

    Aren’t the referrals and testimonials the reputation we are talking about? NO!

    These days there seems to be an increasing number of people who have convictions for predatory crimes, including children. Do we really want someone of that ilk in our home, around our children? Clearly, we would answer NO! But how can we check the history of someone who wll enter our home?

    In Australia, there are two passes, or clearances that can allow some peace of mind regarding the character of people whom we meet. One is a Police Clearance. A Police Clearance tells us that the individual has not been convicted of something that could endanger our home or family. Another clearance, which is not as widely used, but still is equally important, is the Working With Children card. Generally, the working with children card relates to those whose job entails regular contact with children. The card assures those dealing with the person that this individual has no history of unsavory conduct with minors. Whilst none of these are an absolute guarantee of safety, they are a good indicator of the character of the person that we are letting into our home.

    So, now that we have identified a reliable cleaning company, have checked their credentials and safety assurances, How much should we pay?

    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until…We Confirm The Price

    Since the cleaning industry is not heavily regulated, the price that we might be charged can vary wildly. Given the broad spectrum of charging, what price should we aim for? Some questions to consider on this. What is our budget?(very important) If the cleaner is cheap, is it because they don’t have many clients? What value will we get for our money? Will they keep to the quote, or will the price rise once the work begins?

    There is a saying that ‘if we pay peanuts, we’ll get monkeys’. This should, however, just be a general guide. There have been some very thorough cleaners who have charged very reasonably. There are also some very careless cleaners who charge a king’s ransom. Due diligence must be done to ensure true value for money

    Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until…..What We Have Learned

    The three key areas that are vital to consider before we hire a cleaner for our home are, What quality does their work history reflect? How safe will our children and possessions be in their hands? Will we get true value for money if we hire a particular cleaner?

    Our home is our castle. It is vital for the upkeep of our castle, the safety of our family, and the wisest use of our funds, that We Don’t Hire A Cleaner Until We Have Taken The Time To Ensure Peace Of Mind.


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