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  • Exterior Property Cleaning
    25 July
    Posted by Window Cleaning Sydney 0

    Exterior Property Cleaning

    With Autumn and Winter fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, now is the time to undertake exterior property cleaning to prepare for the dangers of autumn and winter. Taking these simple steps, as outlined by My Window Cleaner can save you time, money and possibly your life:

    • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. Creosote buildup can lead to a fire that could spread.
    • Inspect your roof for any loose or damaged shingles or tiles. Failure to do so could lead to ceiling swelling and collapse

    • Install gutter guards or clean out gutters of leaf and other residue. Failure to do so could lead to their collapse or damage, possibly falling onto whoever is in it’s vicinity.

    • Inspect around the foundations for any holes or erosion. Without doing this, basements can become flooded, foundations can be weakened and damage to walls or homes can result.

    Whether you are approaching Spring or going into Autumn, it is vital to examine and clean the outside of your home. In addition, maintaining clean windows will ensure that your home is presented properly during holiday seasons.

    These tips are happily provided by My Window Cleaner, supplying excellent Perth window cleaning prices for 2 decades. Call us on 0490808372 to book a superior service.






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