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  • High Rise Window Cleaning Is Far More Important Than You Think
    18 August
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    High Rise Window Cleaning Is Far More Important Than You Think



    Window cleaning – a task that’s often overlooked in houses, let alone apartments. Now, the question rises to corporates – why is high rise window cleaning important? If you’re working to get your building’s maintenance done and everything else is up to par – why do the windows need added attention? Won’t they end up getting cleaned during monsoon anyway?


    Many people tend to avoid the task of window cleaning due to these reasons. They simply do not think of it as an important task that needs extra money and attention. However, we’re here to make you understand why window cleaning is more than just the drop of the monsoon rain over your building’s windows:

    1.      Unrealised energy efficiency


    While window cleaning is a task often overlooked, the benefits of a clean window are also underestimated. A clean window is extremely important when it comes to energy efficiency.


    If you have installed energy-efficient windows in your home or office but don’t clean up your windows, you will not be benefiting from your installation. Dirt particles, grime and other residues over your window are contributing factors to lowering the insulating properties of your home.


    The dust and dirt over your windows are capable of reflecting the light away from your home or office, leading to lower energy efficiency within your home.

    2.      Adds value to your home or office space


    Needless to say, a clean window is capable of creating a lasting impression. Think about it yourself, you’re more likely to be attracted to homes with a sparkling window rather than one that’s covered in dust and grime. For homes, it gives a welcoming embrace to guests while in offices, clean windows are capable of attracting several clients.


    Clean windows are capable of increasing the amount of positivity in the house. Not only will there be more sunlight entering the room, but you will also see a change in the overall energy of your room – be it a home or an office.

    3.      Dirty windows can lead to health problems


    We clean rooms, workspaces, clothes, curtains and practically every other item in our lives due to the simple need of cleanliness. But why do we need everything to be clean? Couldn’t we survive without the constant need for washing and drying every item we own?


    Simply put, cleaning products is what keeps our health intact. We clean our vegetables for they might have germs that could infect us, we clean our clothes to avoid bad odour and respiratory issues and similarly, we clean our windows to keep our lungs clean.


    Whether it be the window of an office or a home, smoke from candles, cigarettes, cooking or even fireplaces can build up on the inside. This smoke buildup can lead to respiratory issues if not cleaned regularly.


    Companies like Next Level Painting can help you clean up the windows of your corporate office building, no matter how high-rise it might be. If you have any queries about their window cleaning services, you can contact them for more information, today.

    4.      If you fail to maintain your windows, they might be more prone to breaking


    As with all the products we own, windows, too, need to be maintained. If you fail to clean them up and keep the dirt and grime off their surfaces, your windows will end up losing their shine over time. Moreover, your window will gain marks and scratches, that will leave it more prone to breaking earlier than it should.


    Poor window maintenance can lead to a shorter lifespan of your window, increasing the overall costs in your building maintenance over a longer time frame.

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