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  • How to remove cigarette smoke from Window
    12 July
    Posted by Window Cleaning Sydney 0

    How to remove cigarette smoke from Window

    What you’ll need:

    1/ standard window cleaning gear(bucket, squeegee, applicator, non-scratch scourer)

    2/ Cold Power Laundry Detergent

    put a cupful of laundry detergent into your bucket and fill with water, dissolving the detergent.

    use the applicator to scrub the smoke stained glass in a normal window cleaning style.

    The smoke should run off the glass in a thick, yellow gunk.

    It may be necessary to clean the glass more than once.

    Why use Cold Power? Because, for a detergent, it is one of the most effective in lifting the smoke stain off the glass. Every other bit of cleaning remains the same. The only difference is the detergent. You should find that window cleaning glass that has yellow smoke stains is never easier than with this method.

    If any stains are well set, use a non-scratch scourer to aid in cleaning the glass, however, no scourer can be used on tinted windows.

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