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  • Renting and Coronavirus
    23 May
    Posted by Window Cleaning Sydney 0

    Renting and Coronavirus

    When it comes to renting and coronavirus over the last year, we, at window cleaning services, have taken extra precautions to ensure your health and safety.

    For instance, if any of our team members have any flu like symptoms, we have rescheduled jobs if necessary. At times, we have also had clients who have displayed similar symptoms.

    Because of this, on a case by case basis, we have determined whether face masks, social distancing, or even isolating our window cleaners is necessary.

    In addition, our window cleaning services are always listening to the requests of our valued Sydney clients. In most cases, renting and coronavirus have made a difficult time worse. How so?

    Suppose you are renting and need a final clean of your windows. Because of Coronavirus, we have have had to take extra health measures, whilst at the same time getting the necessary work done as soon as humanly possible.


    How Renting and Coronavirus Have Impacted Our Service To You


    The main way that these two areas have impacted our service to you is that we have been more attentive to the individual needs of each client.

    When requests have been made to reschedule jobs..we have done so. When customers have needed more than the necessary health precautions…we have taken them. The gist of this is that our Sydney window cleaners are listening to you.

    So, what happens if there is a specific requirement of yours? Simply communicate with us! We like to think that we are the caring window cleaning service. We care about you..and your health!

    To find out more about how we can cater our service to your needs, simply call us now on 0402528250, and ask for Simon, a local Sydney based window cleaner with more than 20 years experience!.. we care about you, your windows, your health!



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