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  • Sydney Australia: 3 Places You Must Visit
    12 January
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    Sydney Australia: 3 Places You Must Visit


    Every now and then, you will get to visit a new destination. Your next destination might be Sydney Australia. When you visit, you may not need an exhaustive guide,  but would definitely need to know the top spots to visit.

    We cover the 3 places you should visit while in Sydney. Whether you’re a full-blown tourist or just passing through the city, these three sites should be at the top of your list.

    Before we move on to highlight these top spots, let’s share basic information about the city. Sydney is the oldest as well as biggest city in Australia. The city is described as the Australian version of New York because of its cosmopolitan culture. With a residential population of about 4 million, an average of 32 million tourists visit the city yearly.

    Here are the three top sites that attract tourists from all over the world yearly. While you may not need window cleaning services in Sydney, we believe it is our duty to point you in the right direction, to make your visit absolutely memorable.

    Sydney Opera House

    This is arguably the most famous building in Australia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a lot of history and activities for its visitors. The opera house sits gracefully on the harbour and is quite the sight. From the unique colour to the outstanding shape, the building is a lot to take in. You will definitely be impressed by its exterior.

    Every visitor takes pictures on the steps of this famous building. You should look forward to taking a lot of pictures as well as exploring the exterior, probably on a harbour cruise. You could also spend some time and have a good meal at any of the restaurants within the premises. Guided walking tours where you get to know about the history and tour of its concert hall, theatres, cinema, studios and exhibition rooms are also available. And, of course, you can always see a show.

    Sydney Opera House - Window Cleaner

    Bondi beach

    The waters of Bondi beach attract visitors from all over the world to Sydney, and you should head to the beach during your visit. The beach receives a lot of visitors, particularly surfers, yearly and is always fairly busy.

    You’re guaranteed a good time, whether you choose to spend the day at the beach or explore the coastal area up to Coogee beach.

    Bondi Beach Sydney - Window Cleaning

    Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Built in 1932, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. You could climb the bridge or just enjoy its views from below. If you choose to climb the bridge, you should be equipped with health and safety materials, be in the company of other climbers and be guided by an expert. Tours of the bridge are readily available and you would be able to climb with no hassle.

    The views of the city from the top of the bridge are breathtaking, one of the reasons why the fame of the bridge has continued to date.

    The Harbour Bridge - Sydney Window Cleaning

    We are not sure whether you would need our window cleaning services on your visit to Bondi and the surrounding areas where we serve. However, we are sure that you would want to visit notable places in Sydney and we have highlighted the best three.

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