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  • Sydney BeerFest November 2019
    10 November
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    Sydney BeerFest November 2019

    Sydney Beerfest 2019


    When it comes to do for things in Sydney, there is a never ending cascade of events. One that should be on your calendar is the Sydney Beerfest.


    Where Is The Beerfest?


    For those who are familiar with Sydney landmarks, Centennial Park near Waverley, NSW, is a fantastic place to visit. With it’s tree lined walkways around the circumference of the park, and the beautiful lakes with flocks of local birdlife, in the centre, the park is awesome.

    And, the Beerfest will be located in these beautiful surroundings. The great thing is, that, the location has plenty of local transport options for those who would like to have a tipple.


    When Is It Held?


    Spring is a great time to hold an event in Sydney. The warm breezes, with less humidity than at other times, means that it’s a perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities. However, strictly speaking, the event is held in both spring and summer!

    Why so? Because the Beerfest is over two days. Occurring on both November 30 and 1 December 2019, the event will suit both those who enjoy Spring and Summer!

    As regards the hours that the festival will operate, officially, it will be 1pm to 5pm on both days.


    How Much Does It Cost?


    With tickets from only $20, the event is both enjoyable and affordable. You can grab your tickets here:

    Purchase Tickets

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