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  • Sydney’s Luna Park – A Fantastic Place To Visit
    6 January
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    Sydney’s Luna Park – A Fantastic Place To Visit

    What you should know about Lunar Park Sydney

    You don’t often find amusement parks that carry 1930s art deco styles and Sydney’s Lunar Park is one of those rare venues. This splendid venue is officially opened back in 1935 and now it has become a one-of-a-kind venue that attracts visitors in large numbers.


    In fact, ‘Sydney’s Lunar Park’ concept is derived from the Lunar Park opened in Coney Island back in 1903. It can be considered as the brainchild of Herman Phillips (who is an American Entrepreneur) and few other individuals. They opened a Luna Park in Melbourne in 1912 and another one in Adelaide in 1930.


    This park was run without any flaws by David Atkins until 1957. Then, it was taken over by Ted Hopkins and run until 1969 in the same manner. There were some overseas excursions that took place back in the 1950s and 1960s and after those excursions, a range of new rides and attractions were installed.


    However, there were some flaws and maintenance issues reported and there was a fatal fire in its Ghost Train back on 9 June 1979. As a result, the authorities decided to close down the park. It was left closed for some time and the reopening took place on 04 April 2004. The redevelopment process was carried out without harming the identity of the original concept and its heritage. As an upgrade, a new 2,000-seater Big Top auditorium was introduced to the part. In addition to that, they introduced an onsite carpark, a restaurant and function facilities that were refurbished.


    In February 2010, Luna Park along with its use was listed on NSW Heritage Register. Thanks to the prominent position as well as the unique architecture, Lunar Park Sydney has become an exceptionally popular and a remarkable venue in the hearts of visitors as well as the Australian citizens.


    Main parts of Lunar Park

    Lunar Park Sydney has several main components (of course in addition to the large range of rides).


    Since its launch, Lunar Park Sydney had used various faces and the existing one is its eighth face. This was completed back in 1997 and the face represents “Old Kind Cole” by Arthur Barton.


    Midway is considered to be the main way of Lunar Park. It gives access to plenty of amusements and activities. For instance, it gives access to Luna Park’s permanent rides, Big Top, Coney Island, etc.


    Crystal Palace, The Big Top, Coney Island, and Maloney’s Corner are the other remarkable parts of this wonderful place. Of course, there are plenty of rides to choose from.


    A large number of businesses are depending on this amusement park. These businesses range from window cleaning services in Sydney to restaurants. These vendors serve inside the part and the surrounding neighborhood.


    All in all, Lunar Park Sydney is considered to be one of the most unique and exciting attractions in Australia. If you happen to be in Sydney for some reason, never forget to visit this place and add a great memory to your life.

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