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  • Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean
    15 February
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    Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean



    Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean | Window Cleaning Sydney

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    Cleaning the house sounds like one of those troublesome chores you can’t seem to get rid of. While it’s actually therapeutic and calming for some, other people feel like they’ve just cleaned a particular room only to find it messy once more.


    Keeping a home clean is based on an acquired sense of efficiency and sustainability. It’s not just a chore, but it’s actually a lifestyle you have to adopt. To get you started, here are five tips for keeping your home clean.

    1. Clean up after you use

    Whether it’s your bed or your dishes, it’s a great practice to start cleaning up after you use them. For example, start getting used to making your bed up as soon as you wake up. Usually, in a room, your bed is the largest fixture available and more often than not, it is the centerpiece of the bedroom. This makes it easily noticeable and can help set the mood as soon as you set foot in it. By making it immediately, it creates a lively and inviting atmosphere. Also, by leaving your bed unmade, it feels like an incomplete sleep has been interrupted, making you feel sluggish and wanting to go back to it.


    As for the dishes, a plate and a pair of utensils are definitely easier to wash and keep instead of a mountain of dishes. By not letting them pile up, you can keep the task managed and the kitchen clean.

    2. Step up your window cleaning strategy

    Depending on where you leave and where they are located, windows remain one of the fixtures that need to be cleaned regularly. Accumulated dust and dead bugs pile up quickly and affect the view you’re supposed to be enjoying. Usually, wiping them with soap and water or with glass cleaners is an easy task but doing it too often and it starts to get tiring.


    There are certain strategies to keep your windows cleaner for longer. For example, there are a variety of chemical-free window cleaner recipes you can check out online to see what works for your particular need. Some of these home remedies make it easy for stain and dust to stick on your windows, making it easier to just wipe them with a dry microfiber cloth.

    3. Try the KonMari method

    If something no longer “sparks joy,” then you might want to consider letting go of it. Named after the Japanese consultant and TV personality Marie Kondo, this simple approach to reducing stuff in your home is a habit-forming practice that leans toward minimalism. With fewer things around you, it makes it easier to keep your home clean. 


    In doing this, you can start with one category at a time or one room at a time. The things you don’t immediately need also don’t have to go into the trash. You can keep them somewhere else, such as the garage or in storage space, instead of leaving them lying around. By reducing the surfaces you have to clean and the stuff you have to keep, it’s easier to keep the entire home clean.


    4. Set a laundry schedule

    Other people would recommend the practice of doing small laundry loads at an increased frequency, like every other day for example. However, if you’re concerned about conserving water and detergent, you can stick to the old weekly laundry schedule. However, it is important to create a schedule and stick to it.


    By keeping a schedule, you get to accurately control the portions of your detergent and your water. More importantly, it helps you plan your clothing items for the week, which eliminates the need to reuse clothes and leave them hanging around the house.


    5. Keep surfaces dry

    For your kitchen and your bathroom, start making it a habit to dry floors and counters after every use. Not only do wet and moist surfaces create inviting environments for mold to grow, but anything left on them tends to stick to the surface once they dry up. For example, bathroom floors retain some soap and other remnants of your bath. If you leave it to dry up on its own, the unwashed materials left on could start smelling, not to mention the stains it will leave on the floor. The same goes for kitchen counters, especially after cooking.


    Clean these surfaces after every use, when they are still easy to remove. When some of these stains dry up, they become harder to clean–taking up more time and money.



    While not everyone can find joy in the very act of cleaning the house, it doesn’t have to be something you would dread doing. With the right preparation and materials, you can make every cleaning activity count and keep your home cleaner for longer. After all, the state of your home will definitely affect your mood and it acts as a reflection of your personality to everyone who enters it.

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