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  • Water Fed Pole Technique
    7 May
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    Water Fed Pole Technique


    Water Fed Pole Technique


    Water fed pole technique is absolutely vital to ensure that a good job is done and the combination of customer satisfaction and earnings maximization are achieved. Here are a few pointers to get you on your way.


    One of the first things to decide is whether to clean the frames or not? It has to be one or the other, because, if you wet the frames, it will leave water marks on the glass no matter how clean your water is. In the video on this site I avoid touching the frames, why? The reason I can do this is that two weeks earlier I had already washed down the frames and it was now only the glass that was dirty. If you do choose to wash down the frames, be aware that they will drip, so, it is probably adviseable to wash all the frames first, and then go back to clean the glass, starting with the first window where the frames were washed. This should allow sufficient time for the frames to have dried sufficiently to not run on the glass after you have cleaned it.


    How do you do it? There is probably no need to use vast amounts of water output unless you have detergent or heavy dirt to wash off. Once you have set the water at a steady flow, start at the top and brush up and down in strips from top to bottom(as demonstrated in the video). You may have to do each section of the window twice, to ensure that all dirt is removed. One trick that some use is that after the window has been cleaned, lift your brush off the glass, and, starting at the top, allow the water jets to spray onto the glass. Do this sideways, starting from the top, all the way to the bottom. Why is this necessary? Sometimes dust or sand particles can still sit on the glass even after cleaning. The spray jets act as a flush and the particles will run down and off the glass with the water. This is a finishing technique and happens after the brushing of the glass.


    With water fed pole work, experience is key. Practice your technique on ground floor and first floor windows before trying higher, or difficult access glass. I find that with multi storey windows, washing the frames is good insurance. Why? Since I am way below the level of the glass, I can’t see if they are any runs off the frames. So, it is better, in my case, to wash the frames anyway to ensure that the glass is left clean and spotless.

    Water Purity

    The water quality in Perth is quite poor 300-500 ppm salts. In some areas a simple resin tank is enough to bring the Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) below 10(optimal), however, because of the poor water quality here, a combination of Resin and Reverse Osmosis filtration is necessary. This is because, whilst resin will clean the water sufficiently, the resin will only last a short while. Using reverse osmosis prior to resin extends the life of the resin and keeps operating costs down.


    Practice makes perfect and this is never more true than in the use of water fed poles. Practice your technique, use optimal equipment and you will do jobs that you didn’t think you could do, and, earn more than you would ordinarily.


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