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  • What Makes A Good Cleaner?
    25 January
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    What Makes A Good Cleaner?

    Finding a good cleaner for your home may seem a bit of a lottery. So, what makes a good cleaner? Knowing this can save you grief, time and money. So, here are some suggestions for cleaners and employers alike:


    What Skills Do You Need To Be A Good Cleaner?


    Being a good cleaner is more than a ‘one trick pony’. When looking to be, or to hire a cleaner, look for these qualities.

    Firstly, look for a cleaner who is reasonably fit, so that their hourly rate is not compromised by a slowing energy level. In this regard, they should also be good time managers, for similar reasons.

    Next, a good cleaner will be able to work unsupervised, or, as part of a team. Any engine contains more than a handful of parts. A well-oiled cleaning engine will likewise consist of members who complement each other perfectly.

    In addition, a good cleaner will know, and observe health and safety requirements. It is not worth taking a risk employing a ‘cheap’ cleaner, who will cost you your home in injury settlements. To this end, they should be a reasonably proficient reader, so that errors are minimised.


    How Do You Clean Fast And Effectively?


    Focusing on one room at a time lays before you a mountain of work that may seem insurmountable. So, focus on the whole house as your target, and set goals to work towards that goal.

    To clean fast and effectively, a cleaner must have all their tools together, well organised, and easily accessible. Another area to consider is to remove the household clutter before beginning the job.


    What Is The Best Homemade Cleaning Solution?


    Every cleaner has their ‘secret’ cleaning recipe. Some of the basics of the best homemade cleaning solutions should include:

    • 3/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
    • 1/2 cup of distilled White Vinegar.
    • 1 teaspoon of unscented liquid Castile Soap.
    • 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
    • 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
    • 2 cups of water.


    What Should A Cleaner Do in 2 Hours?


    Of course, how much a cleaner can do in 2 hours will depend on the state of the job to begin with. However, certain things can reasonably be expected to have been done in that time period.

    Some of the tasks that should be accomplished are: Vacuuming, Cleaning of Bathrooms and Toilets, Cleaning the Kitchen, including mopping the floor, some additional smaller jobs like wiping of surfaces.


    What Questions Will I Be Asked In A Cleaning Interview?


    To choose, or be the kind of cleaner that deserves to be in a home, requires the right questions to be asked beforehand. So, these are our suggested interview questions for cleaners.

    They are: When tasked with cleaning more than one space at a time, how can you manage these numerous tasks? What would you do if you run out of cleaning product without warning? When you discover sensitive or personal information, what would you do?


    What Is A Natural Antibacterial Cleaner?


    Of course, as discussed, know how is a very important skill for a cleaner to have. To demonstrate this, a cleaner should be familiar with their tools.

    One thing that can demonstrate this is to know the recipe of a good natural antibacterial cleaner. So, for arguments sake, here are a few of the more popular things that can be used.

    Vodka – Because it is 80% proof, or 40% alcohol by volume, vodka can treat and disinfect surfaces, or to remove mild and mildew. Another essential ingredient to use is Lemon, which is excellent at cutting through germs.

    Further, you may want to consider using Hydrogen Peroxide. This bleaching agent is naturally good at sending germs packing. However, a word of caution, bleach can burn and cause injuries, so ensure that personal protective equipment is in use.

    Essential Oils have an excellent reputation. Consider them as a natural antibacterial cleaner. And, lastly, Steam. Steam is a great way to lift grime, and kill germs. Always be careful, though, with hot products, such as steam, so as to avoid injury.



    What Makes A Good Cleaner?

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